The vineyard

For several generations the BERGERE family has run this Champagne vineyard. In 1949 Albert BERGERE began to make his own champagne from the family estate’s grapes, and thus became the founder of Champagne A. BERGERE. André, the youngest of his three children, took over the running of the estate with the help of his wife Brigitte Martin in 1986. Since then the family business has expanded considerably; more vines have been planted, the supply of grapes has increased, and lovers of the BERGERE taste have rallied to the cause.
Today the succession is assured: In the vineyards, in the cellars, in our shop and at the trade fairs of France and of Navare: Annaëlle and Adrien are hard at work.
Albert, André, Annaëlle and Adrien, the “A” of A. BERGERE Champagne, ensure the company’s bright future to the satisfaction of lovers of our fine wines.

A. BERGERE grapes are mostly grown in the Fèrebrianges, Etoges and Congy vineyards. Supplies of grapes from other famous villages and prestigious Champagne vineyards make up the rest of our production.
The rich flavours of three Champagne grape varieties are used in our production: Chardonnay (50 %), Pinot Noir (30 %) and Pinot Meunier (20 %).
Every bottle in our range reflects the pure essence of the vintage, in the best Champagne tradition. Whatever the year or vintage, quality remains our firm’s highest consideration.

In the past as at present, A. BERGERE Champagne has always remained true to its values of tradition, family independence, generosity and integrity.